Hi, welcome to our website ! We are Danny Cominotto and Whalea Bus and together we live in the east of the Netherlands with our 11 years old son, Mariano. Eight years ago it was love at first sight when we meet for the first time a Bullmastiff ..... Bullmastiffs are realy fantastic dogs : an impressive appearance and a great good nature.


It was all clear : our family would not be complete without a Bullmastiff....and so we found our good fellow : IGOR van het Ginderdoor.


After three years we've got the feeling that there was something missing....what can be more beautiful than ONE Bullmastiff ?....indeed...TWO Bullmastiffs ! So, we went looking for a girlfriend for our IGOR. And some time later, Nina van de Hemelboom came into our life. Our Nina is a real bully lady and she is our cause of interest in showing. After running a number of shows and achieve good results we decided to breed a litter with her.


In the meantime we have focused on the welfare of this wonderful breed. We get our kennelname and for the moment we are the happy and proud owners of 5 Bullmastiffs who we like to introduce you via our totally renewed website.


Our dogs are all a full member of the family and when we have puppies they are all raised in our own home. We are members of the BMC (Dutch Bullmastiff Club) and breeding by the rules of these Club.


We hope you will have a great time surfing our webpages ! Don't hestitate to contact us for further questions..


Kind Regards


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